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Land rover defender 200tdi air filter box

Land rover defender 200tdi air filter box

Do you have any mounting furniture for it?

If not a couple of large Quick-Fists will probably do the job. Sounds like I've got Frankensteins Monster under the bonnet! Every pic I've looked to determine whether it's a or tdi looks completely different.

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There's no similarity between any of em. They get changed when the turbo dies and it's easier to get hold of bits second hand.

Land rover defender 200tdi air filter box

Where is the dip stick, I can't see it in your picture. If it's the old defender one it'll be buried under the manifolds and difficult to get to. Replace it with a Discovery variant which is longer, comes up alongside and fixes to the manifolds so you can reach it.

Land rover defender 200tdi air filter box

It's more reliable as the tube doesn't slide in on the rose and give a false reading. For best results with your set up as it is, I suggest you first remove the washer bottle and relocate it or replace it with a TD5 under wing type. Mount your air filter box where the washer bottle was.

This will keep your air pipe runs short as you need to go to the back of the turbo from the filter and you're close to the intake position on the wing. Get a raised air intake with the moulded on air pipe spigot like the Safari copy and cut a hole for it in the passenger wing.

Connect up with some new convoluted air pipe and jubilee clips and you're in business. Thanks for your reply. I'm sure plenty of other novices like myself will find your expertise really useful.

It sold in less than a wide. We're very pleased with your service. I felt like I got the most bang for the buck. I know I absolved too many times but you folks never acted like I did.

I've got the replacement air filter housing arriving next week so when it arrives I'll have a look at it, scratch my head and go from there. Where do you shop for hoses and the like?

For those who have fitted TDi's, what air filters are you using? I'm using the defender filter housing that came with the engine but I have to. Air Filter Housing Rubber Mount to fit Land Rover Defender x 4 – ERR £​ Buy It Now Land Rover Defender TDI Performance Air Filter, DA Land rover don't leak oil they just mark there territory.:lol: which leads to the air box, early tdi's were famous for running on their own oil.