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05 ford taurus check transmission light came on

05 ford taurus check transmission light came on

August 26, Dropping the pan only removes a few quarts. Some shops have equipment to remove all the fluid, but beware of a pressure back flush.

Many owners have reported a trans failure shortly after a pressure back flush. It's believed the back flush stirs up debris which clogs passages. The DIY method to remove all the fluid is fairly simple, albeit messy.

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If you are interested in the DIY method, I'm sure there's a link around here somewhere. I did 3 last year, '01 Sable, '03 Sable, '02 Lin Cont. The pan holds about half of the total.

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If the pan looks like the pic attached, just clean the magnet and replace the filter. If you replace half every 30K as per the book it should look much better than the pic. This one had 85K and first change. Used car but the filter dated 03 so it is original.

Exchanging fluid is the right thing to do if one is way way, late and the fluid in the pan is worse than the pic. On my '01 with over K on original fluid, changing it made it shift better. In that case, I changed the fluid in the pan and filter, then after a drive, sucked the fluid out of the pan through the filler tube and replaced it again.

I suspect the Mercon-v makes a difference.

and on the way home, while cruising at about 70 mph the "check transmission" light came on 05 Taurus SEL Duratec, my daily driver. whoa that's a toughie taurus transmissions are cause for great Some transmission shops will check it out and give you an estimate for free. The light will come on after about 20 miles of steady driving. check the transmission fluid you will probably find that the fluid is really low! if it is.