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Subaru brz horsepower upgrades

Subaru brz horsepower upgrades

At the time, Norton motorcycles were based on the 'Featherbed' frame which was light and stiff and resulted in their bikes being the best handling in period and, although their engines were efficient and well-designed, they were a touch 'agricultural'.

On the other hand Triumph engines, particularly the cc parallel-twin with twin carburettors and twin camshafts, were leaders in their field, smooth, quick and relatively vibration free.

So it made a lot of sense to mix the two and produce a motorcycle combining the best elements of each marque and whilst you were at it, pop on a 'racing' alloy tank, a single seat, a chrome headlight, matched speedo and tacho, rear-set rests and a pair of 'clip-ons'.

Getting the most horsepower out of your BRZ or FR-S doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Okay so want to drop some cash into this car for some more POWER!!! haha not sure which to do and what order. My budget is pretty.