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Honda varadero 125 spark plug

Honda varadero 125 spark plug

It does the rectifying part as well the regulation part. It is part of a battery charging system.

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It usuallty gets an AC power feed from the stator coil of the generator alternator. Most modern regulator rectifiers and Stators form a three phase system, so there are three wires coming from the stator feeding into the regulator rectifier.

The regulator rectifier then rectifies the voltage; that is it turns the voltage from AC into an undulating DC. The honda varadero 125 spark plug is then regulated; the voltage being limited to a maximum of about There are some single phase, regulator rectifiers as well which perform a similar function but there are only two wires coming from the stator into the regulator rectifier which is then fed to the battery in the same way as the three phase system.

Why are there two different systems? Three phase is more efficient and single phase are cheaper to produce.

These come in various shapes and sizes. Some have two output wires single phasebut most have three three phase. When supplied with power from the regulator this becomes magnetised.

NOTE:Due to engine operation, subtract amperes from the maximum reading. If amperage reading is within twenty, charging system is okay. If amperage is not within do, perform full field test. If amperage is still not within specification, replace alternator. If amperage is within specification, internal transmission regulator is defective and must be replaced.

Some types have this coil spinning inside the output 'phase' coils to give power, and will have carbon brush connections. Others have a stationary field coil, stationary phase coils and have a metal rotor spinning between the two, and need no brushes. The amount of power supplied to the field coil from the regulator decides how much output the alternator will give.

How to test the Regulator Check the battery voltage, with the engine not running.

My Camry XLE 6 payments cold and jumps to rpm then returnes to rpm in about 3 years. It will eventually idle at rpm when warm. Your cars idle poorly of is definitely not normal.

Start the bike increase the rpm's up a littlethe voltage should now be a couple of volts more than the original battery voltage. Check both voltages running and not running at battery terminals.

Honda varadero 125 spark plug; honda xl125v varadero ngk spark plugs

What can go wrong with it If yours does fail. Before going to the time and bother and expense of replacing one, it is prudent to consider that there are usually contributory factors to a failure.

You should conduct a thorough inspection of all other parts of the electrical system and verify that all components are in good working order and that the regulator was correctly mounted to allow dissipation of heat produced.

Total failure Total failure does not usually mean that every part inside the unit died at the same time. All of the parts share a common ground or hot connection; if the unit tests out totally dead, then this internal connection could have failed. This is typically due to either a manufacturing defect, overheating or metal fatigue from too many heating and cooling cycles.

A failed connection can cause any of the observed failure modes, so keep that in mind: just because the device doesn't test out totally dead, doesn't mean that it wasn't defective or simply overheated one too many times. Failed diodes If this happens, your battery will stop being charged, the lights become progressively more dim, and eventually the engine will stop.

Honda varadero 125 spark plug

First look for a short or bad connection to the alternator stator coils. A bad connection can cause some serious voltage spikes, which can destroy diodes. Check also for a bad battery connection and any oxide build up on the terminals and connectors. A shorted battery or reversed terminals could cause the diodes to draw too much current and burn out.

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These symptoms could also point to stator failure so check the coil resistances and or output voltage if your meter has an AC range, to eliminate this. Failed Shunt Regulator If this happens, your headlight may become very bright and then blow. Your battery may have boiled dry also. If the regulator burned out, check your battery connections, if they are loose or corroded the regulator has nowhere to route the output and so must get rid of the power produced in the form of heat.

Also, make sure that all of your running lights are working; remember, the regulator sinks excess power, and generates a lot of heat in the process.

If all of the lights aren't working, that's more heat for the regulator to get rid of.

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How To Change The Spark Plug On A Motorcycle