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1999 subaru impreza outback sport oil capacity

1999 subaru impreza outback sport oil capacity

Oil recommendation format as stated in the sticky thread.

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Engine and car currently have aboutmiles. OCI is about 3, severe service such as short trips, stop-and-go, etcso I'll religiously go by that or shorter. The 7, mile-ish OCI only applies to easy driving such as freeway drivingso that's mostly irrelevant.

1999 subaru impreza outback sport oil capacity

I do intend to adventure around California once in a while though. As for stop-and-go, we got a good amount of that as well.

With the engine still cold and not up to operating temperature, I drive very easy. Then I drive "normal", moderately easy until engine warms up to a good operating temperature where high-revs are allowed.

Sometimes I do drive slow, but for the most part, I accelerate to the engine's full potential where it may be necessary such as merging onto freeways Driving near redline is an addiction I try to suppress but I try not to hit the rev limiter.

Also, once in a while I have off-road excursions.

What your daily drive is like short trips? For now, mostly short trips that by the time I get to my destination, the temp gauge reads around the middle, safe for high-revs.

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Medium-length trips around town occur moderately meaning about 20 min driving minimum. Thankfully for me, I check under my hood quite often and caught the problem immediately, and got it fixed. It happened around 85, miles.

Also, this engine is known to have moderate to pretty bad piston slap, almost sounds like a diesel engine in the colder months! I've heard using a thicker oil might cure it, but I'm not sure.

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As of now, intend to run 5W for colder months, 10W for warmer months. I'm considering the severe duty oils listed since I "drive it like I stole it", but am not sure since I do have a decent amount of short-trips.

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And I do have a brand bias.

Can anyone out there tell me the engine oil capacity for a '95 Legacy My owners manual seems to have disappeared again Oh yeah in.

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