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Ford fiesta engine keeps cutting out

Ford fiesta engine keeps cutting out

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March 30, Hi there, I'm new to this website and signed up as i'm having a problem with my Fiesta Zetec and wondered if anyone could possibly help me out! Basically this has only started happening in the last 2 weeks or so.

I had problems trying to start my Zetec a couple of Sundays ago, almost as if the engine didn't want to start. When i finally got the car going the rev counter was going crazy and I had to rev the engine to keep the engine going otherwise it would cut out.

I finally managed to get it started after 3 attempts and it was absolutely fine afterwards. However the Tuesday after, I was driving along and the car cut out, the steering went very heavy and the engine light came on but only for a second or two and then went back to normal before I could even react.

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I was at this point going down a hill whist braking around a corner. It's been absolutely fine since then until today when I was going down a pretty steep hill.

I stopped at the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill and when i stopped, the car completely cut out. The engine and battery light came on and I had to turn the key to start the engine again.

When I did, the engine started fine and I was able to travel home thank god! Does anyone know what this could be as i'm very concerned this could be a very costly problem.

The car is absolutely fine to drive and is idling fine but this problem seems very intermittent and seems to only happen when slowing down on a hill! Any help would be appreciated guys!

On the old sts like the engines struggled starting and just needed to blip the throttle for it to start. I don't understand why it keeps cutting. Ford Fiesta When I slow down and stop the car, engine shuts off Inspection costs between $80 and $90 on average. The parts and labor required for this service.