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1969 ford mustang mach 1 sportsroof

1969 ford mustang mach 1 sportsroof

Following the departure of the Fox chassis in and the arrival of the SN inFord also sought to eliminate thewhich would not occur until the model.

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The sales on the new SN style cars increased, so that byMustang sales topped the combined sales figure of the Firebird and the Camaro. With GM's withdrawal from the "Pony Car wars" inFord had a free hand at the whole market but nonetheless created what was arguably the fastest stock Mustang up to that point in time with the — SVT Cobra.

1969 ford mustang mach 1 sportsroof

Following the stir caused by the retro "Bullitt" a lightly modified GT, named for the famed chase Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in the film Bullitt Ford saw the value of heritage in the Mustang name and as a follow up, sought to revive the Mach 1 name. The Mach 1 engine had a The Mach 1 also featured a relatively high redline of 6, rpm 5-speed cars and fuel cut off at 7, rpm or rpm 4-speed automatic.

Further differences included the use of Ford's 8.

Factory steel "Box" cross section subframe connectors were also added to increase chassis strength for both the added handling and to deal with the prodigious torque over the stock GT. Style wise, the Mach 1 was very distinct from other Mustangs as it drew heavily from the Mach 1.

A retro themed interior was included with well bolstered dark grey leather seats featuring 70's style "Comfort Weave" textures, a s style gauge cluster and a machined aluminium shift ball.

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An optional 18G interior upgrade package included stainless steel pedals, a 4-Way head restraint, aluminum finished shift boot trim ring and door lock posts, and aluminium look bezels on the dash. The most noticeable difference visually from other Mustangs was the bulging hood with cut-out and the return of a semi-legitimate "Shaker Hood".

While physically identical in placement and function the scoop is said to be built on the same tooling as the Mach 1 it only provides a portion of air to the motor routing to the air box ahead of the MAF.

It does function well as a cold air "snorkel" and a partial Ram Air at speed. Outside, Mach 1's wear 40th anniversary tags ahead of the doors while the has the traditional Mustang Running Pony and Tri-Color bar.

The lone interior change was the deletion of the overhead " cargo net " mounted on the headliner.

Despite pre-production rumors, the horsepower and torque ratings were not increased in Unlike many limited edition cars,[ citation needed ] Mach 1 owners had a variety of stand out colors from which to choose. In Zinc Yellow was dropped as an option and replaced with a more vibrant yellow called Screaming Yellow, as well as an all new color called Competition Orange.

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was the benchmark year for Ford Mustang in its The Mach 1 started with a V8-powered 'Sportsroof' body. Are you trying to find Ford Mustang Mach 1 values? how to value your Ford Mustang Mach 1 and assess the current state of the classic car market. The sporty Mach 1 carried over, again only in fastback “SportsRoof” form, but. This brilliant Raven Black Ford Mustang Mach 1 has been restored The V8-powered Mach 1 variant featured a “Sportsroof” body with a.

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