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2007 ford explorer sport trac drivetrain

2007 ford explorer sport trac drivetrain

To accommodate for the addition of a pickup bed, the wheelbase of the Explorer Sport Trac was lengthened from As with the Ford Explorer and Ford Explorer Sport, rear-wheel drive was standard, with ControlTrac four-wheel drive as an optional powertrain configuration. A five-speed manual transmission was standard, with a five-speed automatic transmission available as an option. During the model year, the 4.

Forthe chassis was given four-wheel disc brakes replacing rear drum brakes with the rear discs being the largest offered on a solid rear axle Explorer The fuel tank was also enlarged from 20 gallons to 22 gallons. Body[ edit ] Built on a lengthened Ford Explorer chassis, the Sport Trac was constructed using parts from three Ford vehicles, with the addition of model-specific pickup truck bed.


You can also keep the relay if it is trac drivetrain, but bypass the need for the TDM to operate it. A used module has a 1 in 15 trac drivetrain of matching your key and cannot be reprogrammed a BCM will also need to match the power options you currently have.

Sharing the front fascia and fenders with the two-door Explorer Sport, the four-door cab was constructed from the four-door Ford Explorer with modified rear doors. Designed specifically for the Sport Trac, the inch long [1] pickup bed was constructed entirely of plastic composite material; the tailgate was shared with the Ford F SuperCrew.

To add additional load space for the shortened pickup bed, Ford offered a metal load extender to be used with the tailgate.

Another option included a removable hard plastic tonneau cover for the pickup bed. Sharing its interior with the two-door and four-door Explorer which shared much of its dashboard with the Rangerthe Sport Trac retained the fold-down rear seats of the four-door Explorer to expand storage space.

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A full rubber floor was standard as in base-trim pickup truckswith berber-style carpet floor mats. The Sport Trac was configured with a power-retractable "Breezeway" rear window a feature last used by Ford on the Mercury line in place of a sliding rear window.

In another revision, the B-pillars were changed from black to body-color. Forthe gray bumpers and side skirts were darkened in color; a new option offered body-color bumpers and side skirts. Leather seats are an option.

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XLT Premium - Added: Power driver's seat, rear audio controls with headphone jacks, automatic headlamps, fog lamps, overhead console, and tow hooks 4x4 models only.

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