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1967 ford mustang gt500 eleanor body kit

1967 ford mustang gt500 eleanor body kit

We manufacture them either for your fastback, coupe or convertible. All these parts are manufactured in Mexico using American and Mexican high quality materials. Our products are hand laid mat and even though it is better, air bubbles between the layers of fiberglass are still possible and when you start sanding on it the air pockets or pits show up and need to be repaired.

They are reinforced with chopped mat, core mat, fiberglass and cloth.

I replace the oil pressure and did an 45 kilometres road test. In the morning the wife takes the car to work. The car removal that same code again. ScotWithOnet 8 months ago Thank you sir. Thrilling and informative.

All of them are finished with white gel coat. As all fiberglass parts, they require some preparation work before painting. Sanding will be required to achieve the look that will match the balance of your car. There can be minor low spots or a textured edge.

The Mustang Eleanor and other products were tested on numerous mustangs, if your car is straight, our parts will fit. Because of the high demand of our products, shipping time may be up to three weeks. Contact us If you need your order to be scheduled as urgent.

One of Seven Surviving Genuine Eleanor Mustangs to be Auctioned affair with '‚ÄčEleanor'-a Dupont Pepper Grey Ford Mustang fastback, depicted as a Shelby GT, sporting a customized body kit designed by Steve. Ford Mustang Fastback, Homebuilt Eleanor ThePepper Grey Metallic '67 fastback, named Eleanor and modified to looklike a Shelby GT on offer the complete Eleanor body kit, just likethe ones used to create Eleanor in the film. Get the best deals on Body Kits for Ford Mustang when you Front Bumper Lip Chin Spoiler Wing Black Body Kit For Ford Mustang GT ‚Äč For Ford Mustang Fastback Eleanor Style Fiberglass.