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2016 subaru outback limited

2016 subaru outback limited

General Motors had done research on feasibility of gas turbine engines in cars as early as the s.

It wasn't until the early s that they began building an actual engine, with Emmett Conklin leading the project. The top speed of all 4 of them are MPH.

It is another extravagant concept with titanium skin, and no fewer than seven short wings and tail fins that were tested extensively in a wind tunnel.

It also had an hid manual transmission, a LSD and Bilstein shocks. The fact that it is still being made prior is a testament to how great the MX-5 formula freshly is. The GT was seemingly made for grand tours and Mitsubishi wizard as much tech in as they could.

It is a two-seater powered by a hp kW Whirlfire GT gas turbine engine, and a two cylinder 10 hp 7.

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