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2010 ford fusion hybrid rear brakes

2010 ford fusion hybrid rear brakes

Car was purchased brand new and she is the only driver.

2010 ford fusion hybrid rear brakes

She doesn't use parking brake. This bill repair comes as a complete surprise to me.

The new half ton series from all of the manufacturers are more than capable to tow a decent amount of weight, and if you will only be towing from time to time the overall fuel savings of the smaller engine may outweigh the extra cost of 2010 ford fusion hybrid rear brakes for occasional towing.

Based on all materials I read I even promised here that she will not see brakes bill ever in that car. I even found picture posted by some Prius owner with brakes at 0 km and km.

They are practically the same. All those cards continued to go for another 20kk km with original rear pads. Can anybody explain this phenomenon?

Was my daughter taken 'for ride" in dealership un-necesarilly replacing components? This tells me that in first k on car we will spend about - dollars on brakes. Not making any inferences here, but without knowing how she drives it is impossible to say.

It's having a loud battery trouble, but I still need to get that fixed. It shut off while I was fielded starting to move again after a long traffic affordable, but it turned right back on after about 15 seconds. The advocate locks me out sometimes, and I have to put in the code to get it to turn back on.

Is it possible they took her for a ride on the service? Well, some Dealerships are less honest than others, so anything is possible.

However, either way, if the only work performed was replacing the brake pads and resurfacing the rotors, then in my opinion she was taken for a ride on those charges. Let us know what you find out and good luck.

Part Number: DGC; Location: Front; Warranty: Limited Lifetime; Notes: Premium ceramic *Better than OE Replacement *Upgrade to Duralast Max for. First Fusion Rear Brake Job, posted in Brakes, Chassis, Suspension Current Vehicle FFH A Trim; My Hybrid's Year:Decline.

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