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Corvette z06 quarter mile stock

Corvette z06 quarter mile stock

To start off with, these guys really had better conditions than most of the mags.

Any unauthorized use of this conversion comparison is a violation of U. Changing a flat tire near full can be dangerous and inconvenient. The run-flat tires standard on the X1 can be converted up to 50 miles without any air conditioning, allowing you to drive to a service station for a repair. The recondition of the BMW X1 amounts to more than styling.

Motortrend tested the Z06 and C6 in their latest issue at an elevation of ' above sealevel, on a just previously rain soaked road 90 degress ambient. Hey, to me, it's not the way to introduce the new Corvette, and another test on another ZO6 in less than ideal conditions, the way the magazine put it.

Stock C6 Z06 1/4 mile GoPro HD 1080p

They could have picked a dry day atleast. Ha, Ha, they will print it that way in the road test summary like it is gospel.

I have enough cars riding my butt, I don't need more drivers to think 4. Outdoor temperature 55 degrees F.

Stock to the paper air filter and run-flat tires on a bumpy track!. ** PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ** This car has miles on it!!! Stock Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the Z07 package. Automatic transmission, stock Sport Cup 2.

The date was March 22,about the same time I got my vette out, lol! These guys had permission on a mile 04' Z, to torcher this beast.

A quote from the magazine says, "This is the first GM vehicle that I'm proud to say that I could easily kill myself in-and that, my friends, is a good thing. That's not bad out of four different runs. The guy launched the car from rpm, think I'll verify that myself,!

The reaction times were average at 1. The test weight was lbs.

Corvette z06 quarter mile stock

For context, GM's official. Chevrolet has announced its official performance estimates for the Corvette Z06, and, uh, they don't disappoint. The best numbers were.