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Bmw e28 535i throttle position sensor

Bmw e28 535i throttle position sensor

As an update, the car is no longer displaying a check engine light, but the problem still exists.

I've heard that the Chilton bmw e28 535i throttles position sensor are way better than the Haynes manuals from several people. Our Chevrolet Malibu information is updated Malibu, Chevrolet Malibu Manuals - Original factory manual with specific repair information not found in or replaces the bmw e28 535i throttle position sensor manual.

I have had no chance to diagnose or perform any corrective measures. The problem is slightly diminished, but very noticeable at takeoff.

Then car hesitates and stumbles until the throttle is almost halfway depressed. At that point the car clears right up and drives normally.

The fuel consumption has almost doubled since first posting also. The one piece of information I can pass along is that the part is definitely the round plug tps, and mounts on the right hand side, if you are standing at the driver's side quarter panel facing the engine.

I am not really able to remove and rebuild the part because it is my wife's daily driver and she cannot be without it in the event that I screw the part up beyond my capability to repair.

I could do that if I had another to put back in its place, but then that would eliminate the need to repair the malfunctioning part. Typicallyeven during the winter months the temp guage always ran right in the middle between hot and cold. Last week the car would barely come above the blue portionand then only at a complete stop.

If driving the needle remains in the blue.

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