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Viper performance and tool

Viper performance and tool

This includes tracking people, detecting text, and so forth. ViPER is our system for evaluating our work.

The Video Processing Analysis Resource is a toolkit of scripts and Java programs that enable the markup of visual data ground truth, and systems for evaluating how closely sets of result data approximate that truth. The Performance Evaluation Problem In order to evaluate a video analysis algorithm, or a set of algorithms, it is necessary to define a methodology.

As there are many books and papers describing methods for evaluating specific types of algorithms, we decided to develop a general framework for evaluation. The basic idea common in most types of evaluations we do is a comparison between the computer generated output and some ideal version of 'Truth'.

In some subfields of vision, like document processing, it is possible to automatically generate test data. However for video processing, it is more common for a human to define the ground truth for each video clip. In order to ensure that researchers may repeat and verify evaluations, it is important to make the ground truth metadata is available to other researchers in a documented format.

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It is very useful to have methods of qualitatively verifying the ground truth, as well, with metadata broswers and editors. There are many ways to define how correct a result data set is with respect to a ground truth data set. A metric that looks at difference in size of bounding boxes for text detection may give different results than a more goal-oriented metric which operates on the number of characters or words correctly recognized.

It is designed to allow frame-by-frame markup of video metadata stored in the Viper format. It is also useful for visualization. It offers a variety of metrics for performing comparison between video metadata files. With it, a user can select from multiple metrics to compare a result data set with ground truth data.

It can give precision and recall metrics, perform frame-by-frame and object-based evaluations, and features a filtering mechanism to evaluate relevant subsets of the data. It offers a generic, object-oriented view of video metadata that is aimed at evaluation.

ViPER-Viz is currently a set of UNIX scripts that enable a user to compactly visualize ground truth, analysis results, performance evaluation results, or an entire video clips, using several flexible representations. Important Notes The system is currently under development, so there are still bugs in the program. As such, there is no warranty on this, expressed or implied.

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Save early, save often. See our bug listhosted at SourceForgefor more details. Other Vipers Viper is a very common name for software products.

This project is also unrelated to Prima Graphic's video board of the same name, or the car of the same name, or the snake. News of new releases will be placed here. Performance Evaluation of Object Detection Algorithms. International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pages Tools and Techniques for Video Performances Evaluation.

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