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Fj1200 front brake upgrade

Fj1200 front brake upgrade

I had this set up on my original 16" 87 front end. My bike has 24K of strictly touring miles until I bought it.

Now I'm riding it more aggresively. The back brake works great but not the front. Usually it is the opposite.

Like I said the temp sensor used to point to 80c and was fine but now goes to c and more further. Giving we are having hot weather now but as you said after prolonged the rad it is very warm. If you still have his favoured details, please do not contact him from now on.

I'm a huge believer in braided stainless steel lines. That addition goes without saying. Are there any snags in swapping master cylinders? Master was from a ZX I switched to the late model front end and curently use those blue dot calipers and floating rotors from Spiegler I have thought about making caliper hangers for the Brembo calipers but time is a problem. I might just sell the calipers, rotors, brackets I'd check fairing clearance if you want to use a radial cylinder master

But the point kman was down is that it's not going to be a complete headliner tear down to get to the transmission. On fj1200 front brake upgrade sport bikes the case would need split to remove the beginning so even diagnosing the damage of the winner would be the equivalent of a complete engines rebuild. Now on most common sport bikes getting into the transmission is a couple hours tops. Another saves a lot of money and is easier to do at home.

I've been trying the search feature but end up with a lot of posts to sift through. What modifications are usually performed to help make the front. Front Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit; Yamaha FJ & Includes; BRAKING Brake Rotor Fits: FJ, FJ Front FJ

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