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1971 olds cutlass rear end

1971 olds cutlass rear end

Everyone's heard the tip about checking your vehicle's rearend to check for a "posi-traction" or "limited slip" unit as opposed to an "open" unit If the opposite tire spins in the same direction, it's a posi.

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If it spins in the opposite direction, it's not. However, this is NOT an entirely accurate way of correctly determining the existance of the posi. A posi that is set up right will cause both wheels to turn the same direction with the trans in N.

When the trans is in P you should not be able to turn the wheels. The problem is that when the clutches wear, the unit loosens up and begins to act like a "open" or standard unit.

1971 olds cutlass rear end

In this case the wheels will turn in oposite directions with the trans in P. The only way to be sure is to remove the cover and look at it. If it has the preload springs, plates and clutches, it's a posi.

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If it is a posi and it is acting like a standard unit, you need to have the clutches replaced and the preload reset. The only way to know for sure it to take the cover off the rear end and look at the carrier! Look for the two plates with four springs between them, or the "s" spring in the later bolts. Even if both wheels were to spin the same direction in the above scenario, it could mean that the rearend has welded itself together from too many one-legged burnouts NOT the ticket for a street-driven car.

According to the service manual, for a new posi-traction differential, the torque required to rotate one wheel while the other wheel remains stationary should be 70 ft.

For a used posi differential it should be no less than 40 ft.

This means that there are 43 teeth on the ring, and 13 teeth on the pinion. Bottom line: If you're looking to purchase a rearend from a third party, never take the seller's word for the gear ratio. Take a moment and do the inspection of the gears personally.

Check out this gorgeous Oldsmobile Cutlass! This Cutlass has a beautifully straight body with a Blue Metallic Paint finish, rare Halo Style Black Vinyl Top, rare Stock Olds Power is put to the pavement through a 10 Bolt Rear End with an Open Differential.

Fromthe housing dimensions measure Total measurements with the drums in place is Internal components have a characteristic that is common to the housing used: bolt pieces fit other 8. This means that a posi carrier will retrofit in place of a standard differential. Axle shafts are common to the housing used, and due to the usual characteristics like overall length and spline count, the shafts only interchange with the housing that is used.

Rear spring mounting pads: rearends used a flat pad with a hole drilled in the center.

For unbeatable performance out of your vehicle, you'll figure out that pops parts make for great performance - PartsGeek. They are minimal for the following Mercedes ML years:, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, Open up the hood on your Mini and then, starting on the passenger side, reach behind the rider housing, firmly grab the tab on the rubber cover and pull it off.

Rear upper control bushing eyes differ, and the positioning of the bushing eyes will differ. If bolting a Chevy bolt rearend into your Cutlass, you will notice the U-joint at the input yoke is a different diameter. The lower trailing arms for use with a sway bar is unique, and the usual characteristics is that the arm is boxed and gussetted.

The lower arms are interchangeable all yearsand a car that did not have a sway bar can be modified to fit. Upper trailing arms of vintage interchange, and they are 1" shorter, which will not fit into A-cars.

According to Inside ''72 A-Bodies, there are 10 different rear upper control arms offered. Other characteristics include clearance bulges, common with bolt differentials in A-cars, and adjustable upper arms, optioned on Oldsmobile A-bodies F, Cutlass. On many high-performance and 4-speed-equipped A-cars, there is a triangulation brace bracket that is standard.

This stiffens the chassis, and tubular versions are available from Edelbrock and Hotchkis Performance. The left and right trailing arms are interchangeable.

I've got a '71 Cutlass rear end, but I have no idea what's been changed on it over Yep, 10 bolt Olds cutlass original rear end. Find OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME Differential & Rear-End Components and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit.