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Volvo xc40 electric test drive

Volvo xc40 electric test drive

As the name suggests, the XC40 Recharge puts its plug-in credentials front and center, with a range of more than kilometers miles on the WLTP cycle, and a mph time of 4.

This is your radiator to Starts right up, idles perfectly, revs up as it should, rocks good, shifts in all gears no popping out, idles back down again. Brakes are very strong and balanced.

That already underpins the XC40 in gas and diesel forms, and the Polestar 2, the 5-door all-electric fastback expected to go into production next year. That drivetrain flexibility is because electrification was built into the CMA from the outset.

Join Edmunds Senior Writer Mark Takahashi in Spain as he checks out the Volvo XC40, and find out why he's truly impressed with Volvo's smallest SUV. This small Volvo SUV's beauty runs deep, bringing with it ultra-efficient packaging and ingenious features.

As for charging, Volvo says that with a fast charger you should be able to go from flat to percent in 40 minutes. From the outside, the XC40 silhouette of a compact crossover is present and correct.

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Volvo has slung the battery pack underneath the cabin, built into the floor plan of the CMA platform. The automaker announced a deal with Google several years back, to completely rebuild its Sensus system on top of Android Automotive OS and use Google services.

That means the Google Assistant for voice control, Google Maps for navigation, and access to the Google Play Store for third-party apps. That allows it to power both a central touchscreen and the digital driver instrumentation, as well as dip into EV-centric metrics like battery level, range, and more.

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It will also integrate with Volvo On Call, the smartphone app which will allow for cabin preconditioning, remote start and locking, car sharing via digital key, and remote battery monitoring and charging.

The automaker plans to release a new electric car every year now — under this new Recharge range — while also building out its hybrid drivetrains.

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To help encourage people to actually use the electric part of their plug-in, Volvo will be giving all drivers — of its hybrids, though not its pure-electric BEVs, weirdly — a year of free electricity. That offer starts from today. Deliveries are expected from Q4

Volvo xc40 electric test drive

Volvo's first pure electric SUV is on its way, made for you and the world we share. Be the Can I use the pure electric XC40 Recharge for long-distance driving? Volvo's first EV offering under the Recharge sub-brand will be the subcompact Volvo projects a mile driving range based on European. The XC40 is what happened when Volvo decided to bound, for the first time, into the compact SUV arena. An area that's Read the full TG review inside.