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2013 bmw 528i xdrive cranks but wont start

2013 bmw 528i xdrive cranks but wont start

Central locking system Engine management You also want to check the relays, especially for the starter and fuel pump. Relays cannot be visibly inspected.

2013 bmw 528i xdrive cranks but wont start

You can either swap identical replays or simply replace them. It can detonate if you were in an accident, got rear-ended, hit a curb or even during battery replacement. The BST is located at the end of the positive cable that connects to the battery positive post. If you are in an accident the BST will disconnect the starter and the alternator.

You will also get a fault code in the airbag control module and airbag light on. To verify if the BST cable is bad, locate the battery in the trunk.

If the cable is easily removed the BST exploded and needs to be replaced. You can manually push the cable back into the BST or find a way to reconnect it securely will allow you to start the car. BMW dealer will sell you a new cable as well usually at a much higher price than what you will find online. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing this repair yourself. The test is very simple and takes about 15 minutes.

Remove the engine cover and at the end of the fuel line, you will find a Schrader valve. Most BMWs will have a Schrader valve, but a few models don't.

Connect your fuel pressure gauge to the port and look at the gauge when you turn on the ignition or try to start the car. Common symptoms of spark plug issues include BMW won't start, loss of power, poor fuel economy, engine misfires. If you replaced the spark plugs and your BMW no longer works, make sure that all the wire harnesses are connected properly.

Do not swap the wires between ignition coils. Each wire ignition coil wire needs to connect to the same ignition coil from where it was removed.

Check Starter Also, inspect the starter. A bad starter will prevent an engine from turning over. If you have a bad starter, you will not hear any response from the engine when you press the Start button or try to start the car. A fault code may be stored in one of the other modules. With your BMW scanner, perform a full system scan or health report. A good scanner will allow you to perform an auto scan of all the modules.

Once the scan is complete you will get a report of BMW fault codes. These will need to be addressed. Try locking and unlocking the car a couple of times then try starting it. In some cases, a defective key can unlock the car but still not be able to start the engine.

2013 bmw 528i xdrive cranks but wont start - 528i xdrive crank but won’t start

This problem often happens if the key gets wet or is stored in a humid environment. Don't drop your BMW key in water or let it get wet from the rain. Grab your spare BMW key and test to see if it will start the car.

Troubleshooting by symptom Yes, any car that runs out of gas will stop running but the problem here is that after you add gas, and the BMW still won't start. This is because your fuel lines have air pockets. Typical symptoms include the engine turning over slowly, then starting.

You can usually start the BMW be either cranking the engine several times or waiting until it gets warmer which is not the ideal solution. The first thing you need to check is the battery. This problem can be due to a battery that's near the end of its life.

Battery performance decreases as the temperature decreases; therefore it may be harder to start the car if it is cold outside.

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The BST causes a disconnect in the battery positive cable whenever the car gets in an accident, or an impact is detected. The battery gets disconnected during a crash to minimize the risk of fire, sparks and electrical shorts that could happen during an accident.

For more information, view the FAQ'S. Always verify your Toyota color code on your trailer before ordering.

It generally fires when airbags deploy. It may also fire on its own without any of the airbags having to deploy. You can bypass the BST by reconnecting the cable.

It is recommended to replace the cable as soon as possible. A fault code will also be stored in the airbag module and the airbag light will stay on.

Hello all 3 months ago bought a bmw i xdrive. then drove into town parked for 2 hours came back out crank but no start. I've seen a similar situation with a BMW i Turbo that had about 35, miles if The sensor was replaced and it solved the problem.