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Toyota hilux arctic truck 6x6 price

Toyota hilux arctic truck 6x6 price

History[ edit ] In Iceland the difficult terrain led the locals to experiment with larger tires and low tire pressures on the snow. In the mids, practical solutions began emerging and in Toyota in Iceland P. In Arctic Trucks Norway was established. In Arctic Trucks was separated from Toyota Iceland, and began working more with other brands.

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It also offers support services to explorers, broadcasters and scientific surveys in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Arctic Trucks was established in Iceland in and specialises in the re-engineering and conversion of four-wheel drive vehicles for extreme conditions.

Arctic Trucks have driven to both poles. They visited the North Magnetic Pole with BBC 's Top Gearand in the Antarctic a fleet of four and six wheel-drive vehicles are used by scientists to support their work.

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Arctic Trucks vehicles also set the record for the fastest journey to the South Pole in Expeditions[ edit ] Arctic Trucks has developed and built vehicles to take on some of the world's biggest extremes, in most cases the donor vehicle, that the expedition vehicle was built on, has been a Toyota Hilux setup for 44 inch tires "AT44". The list below has expeditions with Arctic Trucks vehicles and in most cases Arctic Trucks has also organised and with Arctic Trucks personnel.

International expeditions: December to January — Antarctica Expedition organized by the Swedish Polar institute. The Toyota Hilux pickup used for the Top Gear expedition.

A first and only time a car has been driven this way. November to February — Antarctica. With unexplored crevasse area and a route never driven before, four Arctic Trucks Hilux AT44 drove from Novo to South Pole and back with film crew, doctors other service crew.

Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks 6x6, тест-драйв

November - Antarctica. From Novo to degrees in Antarctica, preparing a fuel drop. December — Antarctica.

December to January - Antarctica. The expedition was setup by Extreme World Races and had multiple tasks. First supporting a team of Austrian skier for the last two degrees to South Pole, then crossing over to Ross Iceshelf making the first crossing of Antarctica between Fimbul Ice shelf and Ross Iceshelf, then returning to South Pole and onwards to Pole of Inaccessibility as defined Soviet Union Research.

Once this was over both vehicles drove back to the Fimbul Iceshelf finishing a double crossing of Antarctica.

November — Antarctica. December to February — Antarctica. To acclimatize to the thin air of the Antarctica plateau, the film crew, the competitors and the Blue Peter team got supported by the 5 vehicles as they acclimatized walking up through the Shcherbakov Mountain Range.

The Basler flew the group to the fuel depot with now 6 Arctic Trucks vehicles toyota hilux arctic truck 6x6 price having already prepared a skiway. The last two vehicles supported the Blue Peter project.

No Arctic Trucks personnel was on this expedition. November to December — Antarctica. After supporting and filming the ski race and both the film crew and skiers flown back to Novo runway but the car team was split in two, two vehicles went on to Ross Iceshelf to support Maria Leijerstam in her cycle attempt and the other two returned to Novo runway, laying out fuel depots for a Massey Ferguson expedition the following season.

Toyota hilux arctic truck 6x6 price

November to January — Antarctica. It took the team only 20 hours to drive from the Amundsen coast to the South Pole. After the skiing the team returned to Union Glacier.

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Maria set a new record as the first person to cycle all the way to South Pole. November and December - Antarctica.

Shackleton Returns November to December - Antarctica. The expedition along the Fimbul Iceshelf crossed two large ice rises and the notorious Jutulstraumen Glacier. The expedition returned along the same route to Novo runway before searching for a land route to WolfsFang, a large blue ice area south of Kurze Mountains.

The expedition used Mz Mala ground penetrating radar and satellite imagery for navigating the highly crevassed areas. This was the first car crossing of the Ross iceshelf itself.

January — Antarctica. December - Antarctica.

Taking clients from South Pole to Ross Iceshelf and then return to Union via South Pole and Ronne Iceshelf making the first double crossing between these two ice shelfs. April - May - Greenland.

Three Arctic Trucks vehicles, an Expedition7 in co-operation with Arctic Trucks made an expedition, the first vehicle crossing on the long end of Greenland from South to North starting at Isortoq reindeer farm, driving on see ice, over land, frozen rivers and lakes to the icecap, driving along the west side of the icecap, crossing over to the east side half way for fuel and.

This 6×6 version costs about ₽.