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Volvo xc40 150 ps diesel technische daten

Volvo xc40 150 ps diesel technische daten

History[ edit ] Development of the new engine family began in[37] with the decision to only produce four-cylinder engines being finalised in Hybrid engines are equipped with a crankshaft integrated starter generator CISG that is used to start the engine, capture otherwise lost energy when slowing down and reduce lag at low rpm by acting as an additional supercharger. Volvo refers to this type of hybrid implementation as Twin Engine. With the introduction of Volvo's new flagship sedan inthe S90, the PowerPulse anti-lag system for the top of the range diesel engines was unveiled.

It uses a small tank of compressed air that can instantaneously be released into the turbocharger to help with spool up, thereby reducing turbo lag. With their smaller capacity and less power they were meant to be used as base engines.

The first Volvo three-cylinder VEA was slated for introduction in for the XC40 under the T3 engine designation, [51] however it saw only limited release.

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Due to stricter emissions laws, additional and improved emissions control equipment was introduced, beginning in the second half of for the model year. Diesel engines gained a SCR-catalyst to decrease NOx emissions, petrol engines received a particle filter. By model year [54] all engines had been updated to achieve Euro 6d-TEMP certification, with some engines getting discontinued.

All diesel engines are now equipped with Ad-Blue [nb 4] and all petrol engines with a particle filter.

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Volvo has been developing a major update for all its engines since New B badging for hybrid vehicles. The system uses kinetic energy recovery via a belt driven integrated starter generator BISG which is stored in a 48V 0.

That makes these rare early cars made classics. It has xenon lights, leather upholstery in very good eye and all the original paperwork that came with the kit. Fascinating to the seller it also needs a full service yesterday. So, eves might not be all rosy underneath the skin. This car has a loving owner and it deserves to be brought back to its former show with a full wheel refurb, paint correction and plenty of mechanical love.

Under heavy load or rapid acceleration the BISG is used as an power adder. Different formats are used by Volvo and Geely. Volvo[ edit ] The actual, broadly used engine code is 7 or 8 characters long.

Hybrid models can have a second engine code that is 7 characters long, mild hybrids engine codes are 6 characters long. Different, more general engine codes are used for some certification and approval documents and are 6 to 8 characters long.

Vrakpant ,- samt kostnad for skilt, 60,- kommer i tillegg ved registrering. Pony a model name to show specifications and foundations.

An additional 2 characters are used to identify each specific engine variant with a MP or HP suffix to differentiate performance. All engines are turbocharged and intercooled with direct injection.

All engines are equipped with an electric water pump, but no balancer shafts. BT[ edit ] The BT is usually only referred to as range extender.

Emissions level Euro 6. Engine variant for cars equipped with a manual or automatic gearbox.

It was replaced by the newer engine BT7 which retains the same ID code of 11 but not 14; automatic was changed to BT2 which retains the same ID code of

Laut Volvo soll der XC40 eine rein elektrische Variante bekommen, die noch dieses Jahr Technische Details zum emissionsfreien XC40 wurden nicht genannt. Der kleine Verbrenner ist für PS gut, der Elektromotor liefert 82 PS, was zu Tesla Cybertruck gegen Ford F Streit um ein Tauziehen.